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We hope you found everything you need. Trinity C.M.E is focused on providing a wonderful worship experience, quenching your thirst for knowledge in the bible, as well.

We welcome you as one of the family members of Christ. With a variety of ministries at Trinity for you to participate in, we're sure you'll be happy in your decision to worship with us. Thanks for looking around our website, and if you have any comments, questions, or prayer requests, please feel free to contact us. You can also pay your tithes and offerings or make donations, by simply clicking the Tithes & Offering button off to your left. 

  Church Office                                              (205)849-7641
  Pastor Rev. Kenneth W. Smith                       (205)907-8885
  Minister Of Music Rodney Neal                     (205)760-1780
  Church Secretary Joyce Rutledge                  (205)907-2839
  Sunday School Supt. Nathaniel Rutledge       (205)901-1816
  Stewardess Chair Aloha Higgins                   (205)586-0172
  Steward Chair Patrena McNeal                      (205)370-0640
  Trustees Board Chair Danny Franklin            (205)821-9531
  Membership & Evangelism Co-Chairs
                    Rev. Valerie Delaney                     (404)468-0073
                    Julie Kennedy                              (205)527-7249
  Missionary Society Pres. Barbara Kennedy   (205)856-1178
  B.O.C.E Director Dr. Jessimene Smith            (205)563-1874
  Usher Board President Cynthia Franklin        (205)821-9530
  CIT Director TyLynn Griffin                           (205)529-1990
  Choir President Portia Miller                         (205)213-4181
  Male Chorus President Trent Colvin              (205)370-1634
  Couple's Ministry Chairs
                     Gerald & Debra Smith                  (205)836-2990

Address:  2501 Commerce Circle
               Tarrant, Alabama 35217

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